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💥Buy 2 Free Shipping💥Garden Magic Kinetic Windmill

💥Buy 2 Free Shipping💥Garden Magic Kinetic Windmill

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This is the best garden art ideas that has gone viral across the world, literally.

Unique Visual Experience Will Give You A Spiritual Shock

About our design philosophy: Each blade of this yard spinner is designed to spin in different directions. Fifteen balanced wings rotating in the wind around a circular axle. Maximum recommended wind 70 mph.

🧡LIGHT UP YOUR GARDEN WITH SEASONAL COLOR AND IMPRESS YOUR NEIGHBORS-- easily seen and admired by passers-by but not intrusive to neighbors. Relaxing to watch while spending time in out on the sun porch or yard. Would look amazing in any.
❤️STABLE, STURDY WITH MODERN FUNCTIONALITY & ANTIQUE CHARM-- Many wind spinners outdoor come with a single blade that spins in one direction. The two tiers blades smoothly rotate in opposite directions on sealed bearings. Featuring modern functionality with period charm, our durable yard wind spinners have a stability stake at the base to ensure its firmly planted for windy days.
❤️EASY TO INSTALL-- This gardening decoration is easy to assemble with the instructions and no additional wiring, just simply position it in a sunny location with the metal stake and enjoy your garden ornament.
The birth of each windmill is the hard work of our designers after dozens of days, Thanks for every support and affirmation

Package size: 32cm*32cm/12.6in*12.6in
Diameter: 31cm/12.2in
Color: Silver
Material: Metal


Can The height of the spinner be adjusted to lower?

You could remove the middle section of the metal post to make it shorter. The sections of pipe could be inter changible.

All parts solid metal?

All parts is metal. It is very sturdy.

Will the wind spinner rotate in both directions?

It spins in every direction the wind blows. The wheels rotate independently and it turns both directions to take advantage of every wind there is.

How do you secure it so it doesn’t fall over the wind?

The bottom post has 3 spiked feet that you stand on to drive them into the ground. Very firm and stable!.


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💥Buy 2 Free Shipping💥Garden Magic Kinetic Windmill