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😍New Year Sale - 49% OFF - 🔥Magnetic Chess Game

😍New Year Sale - 49% OFF - 🔥Magnetic Chess Game

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🎉Inject fun into your family time with our Magntic Chess Game! It's innovative,engaging, and a serious test of concentration and strategy. 🧱

🥇2024 best two-player game

The Magnetic is a strategic tabletop game that includes 20 magnets, a lanyard that creates a dynamic playing space.

Let us wait and see who has the best overall view. Whoever loses, accepts punishment.🤣



Each player has 10 game pieces and takes turns placing them.
When the magnets attract each other, you must remove all the pieces that are stuck together.
The first player to finish placing all their own pieces is the winner.
Sounds easy, or maybe it is!


This product requires players to  play chess with heads and tails respectively to have a magnetic attraction effect. Therefore, if players play chess  with the same side, the chess pieces can't be attracted together as the N and S poles of magnets.

PS: Thanks Thomas for the easy to understand explanation!🤣👇



Magnetic Chess can bring an unparalleled experience, a fun party game suitable for family and friends.



 It makes people nervous and inspiring, and they break through themselves in one victory after another.




[🌟Rope Version]

20 magnetic chess pieces

Use ropes as boundaries to define the combat area.

The size of the game area enclosed by the rope can be adjusted according to your preferences or the level of advancement in the game.


Q: How is it different from chess?

A: This is a new self-absorbing, educational, and fun magnetic effect board game. It is a fun game that can help you exercise your thinking and logic skills, suitable for family and friends to play together as a party game. Enjoy this Magnetic Chess that provides various modes and levels for different needs and preferences. It enhances your reflexes, teaches you the basics quickly, and fosters kids' concentration and logic.

Q: How To Play? How do you determine winners and losers?
A: This is a game for 2 or more players. During the game, you win when you have no magnets left. The goal of the game is to place all the magnets in your hand inside the rope without allowing any magnets to connect and attract together. Let’s wait and see who has the best overall view. Whoever loses, accepts punishment.
Q: What's the length of the rope?
A: Our ropes are up to 100 cm long, you are free to adjust the length according to your needs. For the challenge and fun of the game, we recommend that you choose a relatively smaller length!
Q: What are the occasions when this game is applicable?
A: This magnetic chess set is ideal for travel, camping, family gatherings, and all kinds of leisure and entertainment. It has a storage bag that makes it convenient to carry and store. You can have fun playing chess anytime and anywhere with this set.
  • Suitable for children aged 9 and above. It is recommended that children be supervised by parents while playing to avoid ingestion.
  • If you are part of a group of individuals who should avoid close proximity to magnets (such as those with pacemakers or metal implants), please exercise caution when purchasing.

Extra Recommendation

✨This is our new upgraded model of magnetic game chess, which can be played by 4 people together, suitable for family or party multiplayer competition, please click the picture below to know more!



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😍New Year Sale - 49% OFF - 🔥Magnetic Chess Game