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🎲Educational Orbit Logic Board Game🧩

🎲Educational Orbit Logic Board Game🧩

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🧩 🎲

Create lasting memories with this engaging four-in-a-row game!


  • 😆 Easy-to-follow Gameplay: Players choose a color, then each holding 8 pieces, take turns dropping them into the grid to put four in a row.

  • 😆 Thinking Enhancement: Introduce a unique twist to the classic board game with Four in a Row. Develop strategic planning and forward thinking skills and learn to adapt to new situations, promoting mental agility and enhancing thinking abilities.

  • 😆 Family Fun: Designed for kids and adults, it provides hours of interactive entertainment as you compete against each other in a thrilling game of strategy.

  • 😆 Enhanced Game Excitement: Witness dynamic piece positioning changes that occur with every board turn, easy-to-move and strategize using chess pieces, and enjoy non-stop fun and challenge.

  • 😆 Maximum Durability: Our four in a row game is crafted with high-quality ABS, ensuring it withstands the test of time. You can enjoy hours upon hours of solid, sturdy entertainment with your loved ones without worrying about deformation or damage.



  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black and white
  • Size:


  • 1×Educational Orbit Logic Board Game
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🎲Educational Orbit Logic Board Game🧩